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Digital sTudio

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A company dedicated to the realization of digital projects, aimed at companies in any sector and with special affection for Micro-enterprises.


For us, when a client entrusts us with his greatest value, "his company", we begin to conceive his work, his effort, his dreams and illusions as our own.


Our team is divided into two large departments:


  • Digital Department, "our ingenious" formed by our most creative and imaginative team in which creation and graphic design, layout and publication coexist, as well as everything related to online, web, etc...


  • Check out department, formed by our team in charge of carrying out all the necessary conventional production and verification for the completion and viability of each project.


And three defined brands/areas or divisions:


  • aZZiona-T, a division that does everything related to websites, domains, online stores, etc...


  • ePubliv, a division that is in charge of the dynamic publications of its "Corporate Documents" (Digital Newsletters, Guides, Reports, Event Programs, Identity Manual, Employee Manuals, Commercial Proposals, etc...).


  • eCatalogCLICK, a division specialized in product catalogs and digital Lookbooks, with interactive functions in the cloud and experts in the fashion sector.


This duality is one of the strong points of our brand since it gives us the added value of being able to create projects with the same team and that makes it easier for our clients to work on their project, in the same way the ease of coordination between our departments makes the project follows the same common thread and idea from its beginning to its end, thus making it more agile and efficient.


We are a company that with proportion and flexibility, we try to adapt to the environment, the projects and our clients to achieve objectives and challenges together.